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Prior to 2020, who would have thought remote work, or a hybrid work schedule would ever be an option in public accounting?  Grove, Mueller & Swank, P.C. is taking it one step further and expanding our full-time work force with part-time and seasonal employees that can work a schedule that fits their lifestyle.  With a focus on excellent client service and creating personal and professional career opportunities, we are committed to developing future leaders.  There will still be peaks and valleys for busy seasons, but we are offering flexibility with an infrastructure to support your growth. We believe the excessive hours and working every weekend in a traditional firm aren’t a sustainable business model in today’s environment.  We are taking a bold stand to do it differently.  Join us in making this transition successful!

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Grove, Mueller & Swank, (GMS) has an impressive track record expanding over 35 years of business in the heart of Salem, OR. Offering Tax, Audit and Consulting services, we provide clients with exceptional expertise and peace of mind.  Whether a new client or one who has been with us for years, our goal is the same - guidance to a healthy financial future without surprises.


To be the most highly respected accounting firm where clients find peace of mind knowing their interests are cared for by a professional team that enjoys working with them and each other.


To provide our clients with sound accounting, auditing, tax planning and business advisory services delivered with integrity, in a timely and efficient manner, by a professional team that thoughtfully works to exceed our clients’ expectations. We are committed to improving the lives of our clients, our employees, and our community. 

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